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Personal Injury

Are you a victim of a motor vehicle accident? Are you having NECK PAIN, LOW BACK PAIN, MID BACK PAIN, HEADACHES, or JOINT PAIN?

Car Accident injuries are commonly referred to as "sprain/strain" injuries. A sprain means to damage or stretch a ligament causing a level of pain that a restricted range of motion to the affected area. A strain means to stretch or tear a muscle or ligament which also leads to pain and discomfort.

In a car accident your body, or a part of your body, gets thrown in one direction and then back again very rapidly. Most commonly this is forward to backward due to front end or rear end collisions. The most common injury is a "whiplash" injury, this is when your head gets thrown forward to backward rapidly. The muscles and ligaments tighten up to brace and support the injured neck. Typically following and accident the neck gets tight, and sore with limited to no motion. The upper back and lower back can suffer from similar effects, causing intense pain with very limited motions.

Since these injuries are to the soft tissues of the spine, the soft tissues need to be treated and rehabilited back to their normal state. This is accomplished by passive and active stretching, chiropractic adjustments, active activities to improve the dysfunction (walking, bending, lifting, etc), home stretch and activities, and time to heal. Every body and every accident is different, but with time and patience your chiropractor can get you back to the shape you were in before the accident, and sometimes even better.

If you find yourself the victim of an unfortunate car accident, call us today at 428-BACK and let our chiropractor help you!

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